Sandwich Ministry Needs Your Help

For I was hungry and you gave me food – Matthew 25:35

Calling all sandwich makers, the Cathedral Sandwich Ministry needs you! Everyday more than 20 adults come to the door of the Rectory to receive a free sandwich. Hungry and often homeless, these men and women know they can count on the goodwill of the people of St. Joseph Cathedral for daily nourishment…so long as we keep making sandwiches.

Each month we need an inventory of 600+ sandwiches to fulfill our mission. We are currently in danger of running short. Can you help? Our success is contingent upon getting enough volunteers to commit to making 3 dozen sandwiches every 4-6 weeks. Call the Rectory Office at 860-249-8431 to volunteer today!

Matthew 25:35 Sandwich Recipe:

  • Desire to make a difference;
  • 1 hour of time every 4-6 weeks;
  • 3 loaves of bread – white or wheat;
  • 3 pounds of sandwich meat - bologna, ham, or turkey;
  • 2 pounds of  American cheese;
  • 36 zip-lock sandwich bags;
  • $20-25 budget;
  • 1 loving heart.
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